Irrigation set for urology and gynaecology - Safe application in a comfortable way

For diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in the field of urological and uterine gynaecological procedures, CODAN offers various configurations for safe application where irrigation is required. In cases of cystoscopy, it is important to fill the bladder with fresh, clear irrigation solution prior to the examination. A further application is one of the most frequent operations in urology – the transurenthral resection (TUR). In TUR, blood and resection fragments must be irrigated and substituted by fresh fluid. As CODAN irrigation sets can be flexibly connected to endoscopy tools as well as catheters, irrigation prior to the examination and intra- and postoperative irrigation applications are supported anytime.

CODAN Irrigation sets
The CODAN irrigation sets are equipped with a closure piercing device and a wide-lumen fluid channel that allows high flow rates.
In addition to the “single” system, we offer the irrigation sets with multiple spikes for various containers.
The large transparent drip chamber with a drip orifice (10 drops/1 ml) supports visual control of the flow.

The transparent PVC tubing with plasticiser TOTM allows large amounts of fluid to be administered within a short period of time. The clamps works as open/close features and flow regulators for adjustment of the desired flow rate. The step connector at the distal end of the set is designed to be directly connected with catheters for e.g. postoperative bladder irrigation. A combined step connector and silicone tubing is also available, if required. The silicone tubing can serve as a flexible connection to the endoscopy tool; optionally, a Male Luer-Lock adapter is available.

CODAN irrigation sets can be customised according to the user’s configuration requirements.

CODAN CYTO® Urology Irrigation set
Especially in the intravesical administration of medication e.g. cytostatic drugs, the safety concept is of highest importance. Here, the same aims are pursued as for intravenous administration. Above all, the complete administration of drugs and protection against contamination has to be guaranteed. Special irrigation sets for rinsing with neutral fluids have been developed for this purpose.

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Irrigation sets for urology/gynaecology

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