CODAN Syringes - Safety in perfection

As one of the leading manufacturers of single use medical transfer systems, CODAN offers high-quality, three-part syringes for single use in the programme.

Silicone ring
The exceptionally thin silicone ring in CODAN Syringes guarantees a particularly smooth operation.

Plunger guidance
The design of the plunger with its four wings provides complete stability even if the syringe is filled to its maximum.

Reliable plunger stop
The integrated plunger stop effectively prevents inadvertent extraction of the plunger and thus increases handling safety.

Accurate scale
The easy-to-read accurate scale printed on both sides of the syringe facilitates reliable dosing of fluid under all handling conditions.

Customised print options on syringe and dispenser barrel
CODAN Syringes can be made available with your specific substance name, dosage scale and company logo. Contact us for a quote to cover your specific requirements.

Dispenser providing ultraviolet and visible light protection (Opaque Amber)
Many pharmaceutical products require light-resistant containers and dispensers. CODAN Amber dispensers reduce light transmission sufficiently to protect most light-sensitve pharmaceuticals. From the 0.5 ml syringe with fine scaling such as insulin and heparin syringes to the basic syringes from 2 ml to 50/60 ml and with centric or eccentric Luer- or Luer-Lock tip we cover all requirements. Wound and bladder-irrigation syringes with catheter tip are also available.

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Single use syringes

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