Versatile programme for the safe handling of drugs and cytostatics

The withdrawal and transfer of fluids is a basic activity in the everyday pharmaceutical and medical practice. Frequently, needles are used for this purpose but the results of using cannulas are needle stick injury, punch-outs and contaminations.
It is our aim to minimise the risk of injury, maximise the operating speed by work simplification and support you with following products:

CODAN Spikes
The CODAN Spikes have been developed for the manual withdrawal, preparation or transfer of cytostatics and pharmaceuticals as well as their solvent solutions. In order to protect users from aerosols and the drug from micro bacterial contamination, all CODAN Spikes are equipped with an 0.2 µm air filter. For the filtration of large particles (e.g. plug punching, glass splinters) we offer Chemoprotect® Spikes with an additional 5 μm fluid filter. For very small vials, the CODAN MicroSpike is the appropriate transfer device for completely emptying these containers due to its innovative piercing spike.

CODAN Spikes are available with either Luer-Lock or SWAN-LOCK® (SWabable Adapter Needle-free) access and offered in different packaging units.

Transfer MicroSpike
The Transfer MicroSpike is a compact and user-friendly device for adding and mixing medicines directly into infusion bags equipped with an integrated Female Luer port. The piercing device is specially shaped, has a fluid channel only and enables direct withdrawal from medication vial.

TAKE SETs enable pharmacists or medical personnel to withdraw consecutive and specific amounts of pharmaceuticals or blood and blood components from large containers into one or several syringes.

In infusion therapy, units of medication like antibiotics or cytostatic can easily be prepared in bottles or bags. The medication units are administered via Koppelsystems, used as a secondary line connected with the double Y-site ports of the main infusion set.

Mix-Ad sets
Mix-Ad sets are used for dissolution of dried substances such as antibiotics and administration to the patient in one complete system. They are especially designed for use with critical medication requiring secure handling without a risk of contamination during preparation and administration.

Compounding sets
CODAN compounding sets are single use transfer systems for preparation and mixture of infusion solutions, e.g. total parenteral nutrition (TPN) for use with compounders in the field of pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals.

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Withdrawal, preparation and administration sets

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