Safety and flexibility in invasive blood pressure monitoring

The CODAN pvb Critical Care blood sampling system XL is especially designed for applications during invasive blood pressure monitoring where arterial blood sampling must be performed remotely from the patient or applications where more volume is to be aspirated prior to blood sampling.

A typical place of use is, for example, cardiothoracic surgery, where the patient is covered extensively and blood has to be taken close to the pressure transducer.

The blood sampling system XL is optionally equipped with one or two sampling points. This allows various departments easy access to blood sampling – starting, for example, with the first blood sampling in the anaesthesia department, followed by blood sampling in the intensive care unit – without having to change or disconnect the system.

In combination with the proven pressure transducers from the Xtrans® series, the blood sampling systems XL offer amazing advantages for all health institutions where invasive blood pressure monitoring sets are used.

At a glance:

  • Reservoir with 6 ml volume and bacterial filter as well as measuring scale that goes up in ml
  • Blood sampling system optionally with one or two integrated sampling points
  • For blood sampling remote from and/or close to the patient
  • Colour-coded red for reliable identification of arterial use
  • Available in a variety of practice-oriented and user-friendly pressure measurement sets

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CODAN Reservoir XL

Broschüre CODAN Reservoir XL