Infusion management -
From basic handling to complete administration of medication

Based on the expertise and know-how of more than 60 years of development and production engineering, the CODAN infusion series are the most progressive and highly developed systems for gravity and pressure controlled infusion therapies.

CODAN basic infusion sets
Our basic infusion sets contain the following components:

  • Specially designed spike which enables easy penetration of container ports and offers a safe connection to the container (available as vented and non-vented version)
  • Drip chamber with standard drip orifice (20 drops/1 ml), made of flexible, transparent non-reflective material with level ring mark, enabling easy priming and control of drip rate, equipped with a 15 µm micron filter that retains particles effectively
  • Highly flexible transparent PVC tubing with plasticiser TOTM or PVC-free green line® in different lengths and also LIGHT-PROTECTED 290-900 nm (white) and LIGHT-SAFE™ 290-450 nm (yellow) versions for the administration of light-sensitive medication
  • Precision roller clamp with the options to clamp off or secure the tubing as well as protecting the spike when disposed after use
  • Different types of injection sites and Male Luer-Lock adapters at the distal end of the infusion set
  • FlowStop protection cap with a hydrophobic filter allowing air to pass but stopping the flow automatically as soon as the solution reaches the filter
  • Special component Wing-Valve available for all CODAN Infusion inline drip chambers.
    The blue Wing-Valve component at the top end of the inline drip chamber is used to prepare, fill and simply aerate and ventilate the whole infusion set whilst medication is being administered. The inline drip chamber no longer has to be pumped and thus handling of the administration is made considerably quicker and simpler.

The CODAN components and their quality aspects are reliable parts of the following infusion set variations as well.

Where traditional infusion sets have to be changed after every single therapy administration CODAN offers various systems that can be used for a longer period of time. Accordingly, they help reducing costs and waste while still allowing the medication to be completely administered by rinsing afterwards. Especially for antibiotics, it is clear that a complete administration of the whole therapy is of great importance.

Drip SWAN® infusion sets
The Drip SWAN® infusion sets developed by CODAN are equipped with an integrated needle-free injection adapter at the drip chamber in order to be able to add medication via syringe or a secondary line directly into the drip chamber.

CODAN Guard® infusion sets
CODAN developed the CODAN Guard® drip chamber to provide an even more user-friendly handling of infusions. CODAN Guard® infusion sets are equipped with an AirStop filter membrane integrated into the drip chamber to prevent air infusion. The user benefits from being able to change the infusion container/bag quicker, minimising the risk of contamination and air entering the tubing below the drip chamber. Due to different variants of CODAN Guard® infusions sets, e.g. sets with multiple spikes and Wing-Valve, it is possible to administer the complete medication by using one of the additional lines for rinsing.
For a clear distinction to basic infusion sets, all CODAN Guard® infusion sets are recognisable by their dark grey upper drip chamber part.

Mix-Ad Sets
Mix-Ad Sets are used to dissolution of dried substances such as antibiotics in order to administer them to the patient in one complete system. They are especially designed for use with critical medication that require secure handling with no risk of contamination during preparation and administration.

Therefore, the CODAN Guard®, Drip SWAN® infusion sets and Mix-Ad sets are CODAN products that clearly help increasing safety both for patients and for medical personnel, thus minimising any risk to the greatest possible extent.

CODAN IVIP® dedicated infusion sets for specific pump application
The IVIP® dedicated infusion sets were developed for administration of medication in combination with dedicated volumetric infusion pumps requiring specific pump systems, e.g. special conveying with a silicone and retention segments.

Total Intravenous Anaesthesia sets (TIVA)
Usually, the complex infusion sets for TIVA application – consisting of single components like 3-way stopcock, manifolds, pump infusion lines, CODAN Check Valves, injection sites etc. are assembled by medical personnel prior to every anaesthesia. CODAN offers customer-specific ready-to-use TIVA sets that assembled according to the anaesthetist’s requirements.

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