Safe preparation and administration
of cytostatics

Dealing with cytotoxic drugs in infusion therapy poses particular challenges to users in both drug preparation and administration. The protection against contamination of any kind on the one hand and the complete administration of the medication on the other hand are the central points in the handling of cytotoxic drugs and our essential approach in the development and production of CODAN CYTO® infusion systems since the 1990’s. Thus, we have been pioneering in the field of cytostatic drug administration for nearly 30 years and see ourselves as a partner of pharmacies, practices and hospitals in establishing and implementing appropriate workflows by application of our systems.

The Cyto-Ad Z® systems are the primary lines for the administration of cytostatics and other medications to the patient and the Connect Z® is the secondary line – together, both lines create a safe closed system.

Cyto-Ad Z®
The Cyto-Ad Z® from CODAN is an infusion set developed for a safe and low-risk administration of cytostatics and other medications in connection with Connect Z®.

Cyto-Ad Z® with Wing-Valve
The Cyto-Ad-Wing Z® from CODAN is an infusion set developed for a safe and low-risk administration of cytostatics and other medications in connection with Connect Z®. In addition to the Cyto-Ad Z®, the Cyto-Ad-Wing Z® has a Wing-Valve component at the top of the inline drip chamber for facilitating preparation/filling, simple aeration and ventilation of the system. The drip chamber no longer has to be pumped and thus handling of the administration is considerably easier. The Wing-Valve can be applied during use in order to correct the fluid level.

The Cyto-Ad Z® systems (Cyto-Ad Z® & Cyto-Ad-Wing Z®) are available with the following options:

  • With 1, 2, 4 or 6 Female Luer-Lock adapters with integrated CODAN Check Valve
  • Tubing material: PVC tubing with plasticiser TOTM in transparent, yellow LIGHT-SAFE™ (290-450 nm) or white LIGHT-PROTECTED (290-900 nm) and green line® PVC-free (PP and PUR) tubing in transparent and yellow LIGHT-SAFE™ (290-450 nm)
  • With different versions of the Male Luer-Lock adapter

Connect Z®
The Connect Z® has been designed and developed for the preparation of cytotoxic drugs in infusion bags, without the use of needles and the direct aim of preventing the user to come into contact with the drug solution during the process. The Connect Z® allows fluid to be taken from the bag and mixed with the dried substance and to be reinjected into the bag through the needle-free Female Luer-Lock adapter with special open-close mechanism. After the solution has been re-introduced into the bag, the Connect Z® is ready to be connected with the Cyto-Ad Z®.

In order to prevent a disconnection from the Connect Z®, CODAN offers a special Male Luer-Lock adapter in the product portfolio – the ONCE-LOCK 2 adapter. After connection with the adapter of the primary line, the ONCE-LOCK 2 adapter can no longer be disconnected and the possibility of contamination is thus ruled out. With the ONCE-LOCK 2 adapter, the complete medication unit is secured.

The Connect Z® is also available with following specific components or options:

  • 0.2 µm I.V.STAR® infusion filter (filter surface 10 cm²) for e.g. Paclitaxel and various monoclonal antibodies administration
  • PVC tubing with TOTM plasticiser or completely PVC-free tubing (green line®)
  • special white LIGHT-PROTECTED (290-900 nm) and yellow LIGHT-SAFE™ (290-450 nm) tubing for light sensitive drugs

Cyto-Ad Z® Inline and CODAN IVIP® dedicated infusion sets for specific pump application
The Cyto-Ad Z® Inline is designed for use in combination with a dedicated infusion set incorporating a special pump segment. The Inline Spike Adapter at the end of the Cyto-Ad® Inline is suitable for the connection to all standard spikes of dedicated infusion sets.

In addition to the Cyto-Ad Z® Inline transfer systems, CODAN offers dedicated IVIP® infusion sets to administer cytostatics and other medication with specific volumetric infusion pumps. These IVIP® infusion sets are equipped with specific pump systems e.g. special conveying with silicone and retention segment.

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