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Extension sets
In infusion therapy, extension lines are frequently used for administration of infusion solutions and medication. The lines extend existing infusion systems, where required, to complete administration systems for application-specific requirements and can also be used togehter with other medical devices such as syringe pumps.

CODAN offers a wide product range for extension sets. All tubes are equipped with Female and Male Luer-Lock adapter, with optionally integrated CODAN Check Valve and different injections sites. The extension sets are available in various tubing lengths, diameters and materials.

Manifold connectors
Manifold connectors are used for combining various infusion lines and available with two or more Female Luer-Lock adapters ending in one patient line. The Female Luer-Lock connectors can be equipped with CODAN Check Valve or a SWAN-LOCK®.

3-way stopcock- and manifold extension sets
In infusion therapy and intensive care medicine, the STERITEX® 3-way stopcock- and Multiflow manifold extension sets are frequently required for administration of infusion solutions and medications.
The flexible tubing material allows great mobility and minimises the risk of contamination and irritation at the intravenous injection site.

For complex infusion programs in intensive care, Multiflow-3 and Multiflow-5 manifolds with fixation plates are available. These products allow gravity and pump infusion of all standard infusion solutions and medication.

The colour-coded stopcock plugs reduce the likelihood of confusion between the connected infusion lines.

In addition, CODAN offers several of the above mentioned products in combination with SWAN-LOCK® and in different tubing lengths and diameters as well as materials.

Patient Controlled Analgesia extension sets (PCA)
In recent years, Patient Controlled Analgesia has become an important treatment used in pain therapy. The physician sets up the PCA pump and chooses the kind and dose of pain medication; the patient then pushes a button according to own needs of analgesia within the personal pain therapy. This method has many advantages for patients and medical personnel: the patient’s responsibility of pain treatment results in fast relief of pain, meaning a lighter workload for medical personnel saving expensive pain medication as well as disposables and improving the comfort of the patient.

An important feature in the PCA extension sets is the use of a pressure-opened valve in the upper Luer-Lock connector, allowing administration by syringe pump only.

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Extension sets and manifold connectors

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