CODAN MicroSpike - Vaccination against Corona

On a daily basis, the Corona pandemic poses new challenges, especially for you as a medical personnel.

Vaccines, prioritisation, side effect, education, questions, forms, procurement, vaccine doses, preparation, storage, pressure equalization, dead space, dosing etc. are just a few of the challenges to be managed.

We provide you with our CODAN MicroSpike concept to ensure you can concentrate on the essentials.

The proven concept convinces with its optimally coordinated components and functions, combined in the CODAN MicroSpike itself. When it comes to the problems encountered on site in handling vaccines against Corona, our CODAN MicroSpike exactly provides the relief needed by users.

The CODAN MicroSpike supports vaccine dose preparation with extremely simple handling and guarantees uncomplicated and reliable removal of each individual vaccine dose from the smallest vials by its unique features.

CODAN MicroSpike solves any issues such as pressure compensation or incomplete withdrawal of all doses.

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