Infusion technology solutions

CODAN Syringe pumps – the connected syringe pump for anaesthesia, analgesia and general use

CODAN’s user-friendly and precise syringe pumps provide reliable and customisable solutions for everyday infusion therapy treatments in any ward.

Furthermore, the new connectivity technology in the Plus series significantly reduces costs and increases work efficiency by the seamless transfer of patient linked infusion therapy data to a centralised Hospital Information System (HIS) via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

CODAN Volumetric infusion pumps – the connected volumetric infusion pumps for oncology and general use

CODAN A717V Plus and A718V Plus use new state-of-the-art technology by focusing on the efficient administration of infusion therapies that combines its renowned volumetric infusion pump characteristics, innovative BAI workflow, safety package for critical treatments, and connectivity.

  • CODAN A717V Plus: for use with CODAN standard PVC (TOTM) tubing, green line® (PVC-free), LIGHT-SAFE™ (yellow tubing), LIGHT-PROTECTED (white tubing), green line® LIGHT-SAFE™ (PVC-free, yellow tubing) and other validated infusion sets with tubing of a diameter 3,0/4,1 mm (ID/OD) as a pump segment
  • CODAN A718V Plus: for use with CODAN IVIP® dedicated infusion sets equipped with an Anti-Free-Flow (AFF) clamp (compatible with the above stated tubing types)

CODAN Docking station

CODAN docking stations allow compact and easy stacking of CODAN volumetric infusion pumps and syringe pumps. The pumps can be inserted and released quickly in different combinations.

The docking stations are available in three sizes for 3, 5 or 6 pumps and are mountable to infusion stands and rails with combination clips.

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